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Client Example

Helping a leading Accounting firm expand Customer Relationships with Robotic Process Automation

Helping a leading Accounting firm expand Customer Relationships with Robotic Process Automation

This example of our work with a Top 40 Accounting firm elaborates the project approach and the client’s outcomes.

The Client


The Client


In addition to accounting services, this firm also provided some consulting services and had capabilities for selected implementations. We had been having discussions with the firm about adopting RPA for internal operations.

robotic process automation

RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation which is an application of technology that automates tasks, currently performed by humans, to complete a business process. RPA software “robots” or “bots” can be deployed to work alongside people, often focusing on repetitive tasks, such as data entry or extracting data from multiple systems.

Accounting practices, with their heavy reliance on paperwork and manual entry, are ideal candidates to adopt Robotic Process Automation as a tool to help streamline many of the time-consuming, manual processes.

As our discussions progressed about the benefits of Robotic Process Automation to the firm, additional conversations started to revolve around the firm’s clients and how they would also benefit from incorporating this innovation into their workflow.

We began to network and get introduced to their potential clients, and we realized the firm had relationships and trust with these clients and was positioned better to offer additional services. The firm was very positive about the benefits of Robotic Process Automation for itself and understood the value that it would bring to others. As an experienced leader, the Director of Innovation was not limited by what other firms had done in the past.

“As you have started to successfully deploy Robotic Process Automation and experiencing the benefits it can bring to a company’s operations, why don’t you offer this solution to your clients?”

A thoughtful pause.

“Well … We’re not set up, we don’t have a team. We’d have to build up one from the ground up, form partnerships with software providers, find someone to manage the team, and figure out how to go to market. It’s just too much to do, especially if the return is uncertain.”

Our Team is Your Team


Our Team is Your Team


Our firm had white-labeled services for other companies so we understood the model and how to operate it.

ELASTECH software developer building applications for Accounting firms

“Imagine this scenario… What if we could provide you with a team of certified RPA developers. This team would be client-facing and act as if they were part of your firm. They would manage the project from start to finish. We’ll give you a price for the project, and you can then quote the project to your customer adding whatever margin you need to make. You don’t have to identify talent, decide how many architects, developers, and project managers to hire, forge partnerships, get certified, or anything other than selling the project to your client. With this method, you can have a team ready to go as soon as you approach one of your clients.”

The Director of Innovation said “That is an interesting proposition … It’s not something that we’ve done before, but it’s a low-risk way to test a new practice and allows us to get it off the ground immediately. Let me take this back to our team to discuss.”

“It’s not something that we’ve done before, but it’s a low-risk way to test a new practice and allows us to get it off the ground immediately.”

After some deliberations, the firm decided to ease into it and try a project. Utilizing their existing relationships, they were able to quickly identify potential opportunities. Our team reviewed a project with their customer and put a quote together which they resold to their client. The initiative went so well that the firm eventually decided to slowly develop its own team. As they added internal staff, they worked seamlessly with our experts until they had built their own fully functional RPA practice area.

Leads to their Own Team


Leads to their Own Team


Our team allowed the firm to expand its services with customers immediately and take advantage of the relationships that the company had cultivated with them. The client could have continued using our teams as a white-label extension of their practice, but after many successful projects, they were able to eventually build their own internal team for the implementations.

It was a Win-Win for everyone!

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