How ELASTECH Helped a Brand Launch a much more powerful eCommerce Solution

Client Example: Building with Shopify Plus at Scale

This case study highlights the key points of our collaboration with the client H2O+ and puts a special focus on the solution we developed, and how the customer benefits from it.

H2O+ is a trusted brand for skincare solutions. With more than 30 years of experience, the California-based company has developed high-quality standards to ensure their customers get clean clinically proven products that hydrate their complexion naturally with no harmful chemicals or artificial fragrances added in.

Since 2006, the company has also been the official sponsor of the Guest Room Bath Amenities of Walt Disney World® and Disneyland® resorts. This sponsorship gives them additional popularity with guests who are looking for a product or service that reflects well on their visit to one of these famous destinations.
Their growing brand awareness has also been mirrored in the H2O+ sales figures for years, making eCommerce a crucial component of H2O+’s success.

Observation: They outgrew their online store setup and needed more adaptable components with minimal code

When we began working with H2O+, It became obvious to us that the organization had outgrown its eCommerce stack. They were having difficulty meeting the increasing demand for their goods due to certain limitations inherent in Shopify’s core platform

It was increasingly difficult to satisfy the high and ever-changing expectations of its customers while maintaining a good user experience. They needed a method to make various components and functions more adaptable so that they may be altered or replaced with minimal code.

The Process: Going to a New Platform Using Agile Methodology

To sufficiently address the issues described above, we determined that a relaunch on Shopify Plus 2.0 would provide the modern tools needed. With this eCommerce platform, merchants are equipped with enhanced enterprise tools, providing them with several advantages such as API integrations, more customizable setup options, along with rich and detailed analytics options.

In the first stage of the implementation, the content and data of the previous store and website had to be imported. We then proceeded to work on the site’s new interface. Our UX team developed the homepage, category pages, product detail pages, and all other subpages using our experts’ designs and then implemented them in the site’s code while placing a laser focus on user experience that increases conversion rates.
H2O+ website
Parallel to the work on the front-end of the online store, our backend developers started integrating all major components via APIs, starting with H2O+’s ERP system.
H2O+ shopify interface
In addition, the entire fulfillment process along with the shopping cart system was adapted to the new platform.

Both the front-end and back-end modifications were made in line with Agile Methodology principles, meaning that we held weekly meetings with the client to establish the objectives for the next seven days. Within this so-called “sprint period” the responsibilities are then fulfilled before they are examined during the following meeting. This enables ELASTECH to provide high-quality software that is in sync with customer demands, even if they evolve and change over time.
The migration was carried out by simulating numerous test purchases to guarantee the functionality of the website and backend. After the code freeze, the site was last reviewed before it was finally launched.

Adding Systems to Your Tech Stack For Accelerated Business Growth

Of course, this case study is not just about a successful new site. As we thrive on developing custom enterprise eCommerce solutions that accelerate business growth, we love to add such systems to our clients’ technology stack to deliver competitive advantage.
How exactly did this look in the case of H2O+? As skincare products are mostly consumer goods being regularly purchased, H2O+ promotes an adaptable subscription model alongside the core checkout process, giving fans of the brand the opportunity to receive a package containing their favorite moisturizer every six weeks without having to place an order over and over again.

This kind of automation necessitates a lot of adjustments to the online store’s infrastructure. To guarantee that only a specific amount of products are issued for the online sale in order to prevent being sold out when a recurring shipment is due, all subscriptions have to be integrated into the client’s ERP. Additionally, because subscribers receive discounts, it is important to prevent full charges to buyers’ credit cards during the fulfillment process. Additionally, due to legal restrictions, credit cards may only be charged on the day of the actual shipping and not a few days beforehand.
happy customer with H2O+ product
Originally, H2O+ used off-the-shelf software from a commercial vendor to manage this client offering, causing them a lot of problems due to an insufficient integration between the eCommerce platform and 3rd party system. As a result, the fulfillment of the subscriptions was a time-consuming process with several manual steps, resulting in a high number of errors such as insufficient article amounts. Furthermore, their software made it difficult for them to make adjustments to the subscription orders. Even small changes such as depositing a new method of payment, or delivering the package to another address were not possible without canceling the entire order.

Our team quickly recognized that creating a bespoke application would have a significant impact on the subscription dispatching process’s efficiency and accuracy.
H2O custom software interface
We customized software that makes it very easy for the team of H2O+ to monitor all of their orders and recurring shipments in one interface with seamless integration with their CRM and ERP systems. Our experts also developed an API between the new software and Shopify Plus, so that payment data can be secured in an encrypted manner and the proper credit card is automatically charged with the correct amount on the day of delivery. As customers’ information, such as their payment, shipping address, or the frequency to receive the products, needed to be readily changeable, we tailored the software to meet this demand. Subscribers can now modify their order data themselves, and the H2O+ system automatically incorporates the changes.

Outcomes: Increased Revenue and Better Consumer Experience

Our new software has resulted in greater revenue from subscription orders for the client since they can now offer their customers more alternatives to customize their recurring shipments to their specific needs. This personalized experience entices far more people, particularly former buyers, to join up for a subscription rather than making individual purchases. They also get excellent feedback from current subscribers, who are amazed that the whole procedure has improved considerably.
“Since the launch of our new website, we have received consistently positive feedback from our customers, which is also reflected in our eCommerce sales.”
VP, Marketing
Following the relaunch of the online store, an improved consumer experience was already measurable after a short period of time, according to relevant key performance indicators. The cross-channel conversion rate increased by 15% compared to the previous period. On average, users also spend 20 seconds longer on the site than they did before the relaunch. By providing visitors with a clean interface that visually leads them from the homepage to the eventual purchase, the page’s bounce rate decreased significantly.
H2O+ relaunch successful results

Replatforming onto Shopify Plus 2.0 has also aided in lowering the internal burden associated with maintaining and optimizing the website. The H2O+ team may now change site components and processes or conduct A/B tests for optimizing purposes quickly and simply because of the new front-end design.

In summary, we are delighted to have been a part of this project. The agile approach enabled H2O+ and ELASTECH to meet individual requirements that came up during the weeks of collaboration without losing focus on the overall objective and success criteria: A website relaunch that satisfied all stakeholders involved. As we hold ourselves accountable for the outcomes of each project, we’re thrilled to see that we were able to assist an established merchant in accelerating its full potential, and led to a purchase by a large holding conglomerate as they realized the brand’s value.

Next to H2O+, we have helped more than 350 merchants to grow their online business, and continue to provide our eCommerce clients with improved User Experience and increased conversion rates while streamlining internal processes through modern software.

If you are interested in exploring the advantages and opportunities we can provide to you, we invite you to a conversation with one of our experts. You can schedule a call by clicking below.

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