Intelligent Document Processing: Benefits and Use Cases

Benefits and use cases of Intelligent Document Processing

Organizations across verticals face the critical challenge of handling vast amounts of unstructured content and data. Approximately 80% of business data is embedded in formats like business documents, emails, images, and PDFs. This makes it very difficult to scan the data, extract valuable insights, and make well-informed decisions. 


However, there is a proven yet innovative solution to address this massive challenge: Intelligent Document Processing (IDP). By combining the capabilities of emerging technologies – such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – IDP automates the processing of unstructured and semi-structured information, transforming it into usable data. In this blog post, we will dive deeper into IDP and explore its potential value for businesses.

The Power of Intelligent Document Processing

By leveraging advanced algorithms and AI models, IDP solutions have revolutionized the way organizations handle unstructured data. These systems can read, interpret, and classify data from all sorts of documents, including invoices, purchase orders, contracts, receipts, and forms. 


IDP automates the data extraction process, thus providing organizations with numerous benefits:

  • Significantly reducing the need for manual intervention
  • Streamlining document processing workflows
  • Eliminating the risk of human errors
  • Improving accuracy and efficiency
  • Accelerating the process to get from data to insight 

For organizations dealing with large volumes of documents and data, IDP has become a necessity to optimize operations and keep up with leading players.

Use Cases of Intelligent Document Processing

Banking and Finance

In Banking and Finance, IDP offers tremendous benefits in various areas: The automation of loan processing by extracting relevant information such as income, credit scores, and employment details from pay stubs, bank statements, tax returns, and other documents. This expedites the loan approval process and enhances overall efficiency. 


Additionally, IDP facilitates compliance monitoring by automatically extracting and analyzing data from legal documents to ensure regulatory adherence.


IDP plays a critical role in improving data management and operational efficiency within Healthcare. Claims processing, a complex and time-consuming task, can be streamlined using IDP. By extracting relevant patient information from medical records, insurance forms, and other documents, IDP enables faster and more accurate claims processing. 


Moreover, leading Healthcare organizations leverage IIDP to digitize medical records and forms to simplify patient data management and accessibility, ultimately improving the quality of care.


IDP offers significant advantages to merchants by enhancing customer service, optimizing pricing strategies, and other use cases. 


The technology automates the processing of customer inquiries and complaints, enabling companies to respond promptly and effectively. Hence, improved customer satisfaction.


Furthermore, IDP can be utilized to gather data from sales reports, customer feedback, and other sources to identify patterns and trends, which can be fed to AI models to generate insights and predictions. Over time, these predictions can even be validated by AI, creating an “Actual Intelligence Model.” Leading merchants use these solutions to optimize pricing strategies and identify market opportunities, with the goal of remaining competitive in their market.


The potential applications of IDP are vast. Organizations across industries can benefit from IDP to enhance their operations.


By adopting IDP solutions, businesses increase productivity and make data-driven decisions with greater confidence to ultimately gain and sustain a competitive edge.

If you would like to explore and confirm the potential value of IDP for your business and specific use cases, ELASTECH’s team of experts is here to help. Schedule a personal consultation with one of our AI experts to discuss your unique priorities and discover your winning strategy. Click below to reserve your time.

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