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Government Software Solutions

From Fed to SLED...we help Government be more efficient.


Government Software

ELASTECH simplifies the way governments work with technology platforms. Our software development team can design solutions to leverage existing systems with custom applications, integrate third-part systems, or build a new solution altogether to meet your specific needs.

Many government entities follow similar administrative workflows. However, our experienced development experts can build customized solutions to fit an existing system when unique approaches arise. Government agencies that utilize third-party integrations can also benefit from our custom development services to bridge the gap from system to system.

Our project managers have extensive knowledge specific to the needs of government and municipal development projects. Our clients are confident they will receive the highest level of service from our team and a dynamic platform built to grow alongside them

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Simplify relocation for US military families

Create an application that integrates the multitude of 3rd party systems used to move military families around the globe

Global relocation logistic for US military personnel and their families is overly complex as data is often stored in multiple 3rd party systems, requiring manual processes resulting in delays and errors. We created an application that simplifies the extraction, transfer, and loading of data between 3rd party systems in order to streamline the efficiency of the relocation process and eliminate errors.

Simplify relocation for US military families
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Our Government Software Solutions include:

Cloud Architecture

Cloud Architecture

With the help of powerful cloud environments we can modernize structures towards a more compelling level of service.

App Development

App Development

Intuitive applications ensure effective procedures while providing the necessary security.

blockchain solutions


Using cryptocurrency secures the protection of citizens’ and government’s data.

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